Far away from hustle and bustle, Ionic Greek Islands offer an unforgettable experience for tourists who are looking for a relaxing holiday in strong contact with wild nature, surrounded by deep blue sea and breathtaking views. Probably it would have been difficult even for Ulysses resisting such beauty.
For those who love exploring little-known but noteworthy islands, visiting the archaeological sites among windmills and live the local life in the footsteps of the myth, the stunning Lagoon 450 Okeanos will be the perfect choice with its three comfortable cabins and plenty of open deck spaces.  

-Diapondia Islands:  Othoni, Erikousa and Mathraki

These beautiful tiny islands offer a multitude of activities and a breathtaking panorama. Walk through Erikousa and visit the traditional windmills and the archeological site of Agia Triada with his incredible monastery.
Discover the breathtaking Bay of Calipso in Othoni, accessible only by the sea,  where Ulysses was said to have been taken prisoner by the nymph Calypso and explore the incredible 100 meters deep cave.
Don’t miss the show of baby sea turtles reaching for the sea in the small beaches of Arvanitiko, Agouridi and Kontrakas on Mathraki island.

- Meteora Corfu

Let yourself be enchanted by the spectacular site of Meteore, a bunch of monasteries built on very high cliffs near the town of Kalambaka. An unique place where nature and spirituality meet each other and where time seems to have stopped. You can reach the site by stone stairs to get to the top of the rocks and enjoy a wonderful view.

- Melissani Cave

Slope down into the subterranean world of Kefalonia and explore the wonders of this unique cave.
This hidden underwater lake, whose water colour changes into many different shadows according to sun light creating an unique and unforgettable picture. Legend has it that this cave was the very spot where one of the Nymphs, Melissanthi (or Melissani), drowned after being rejected by the god Pan.
Don’t wait any longer, book your stay on board of Okeanos and let Captain Paolo Tisci guide you through the wonders and the hidden paradises of Ionic Greece.
Pack your bags and your camera and remember: you only need a couple bikinis and a good pair of trekking shoes!
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