Joy and Eli H.
Motor yacht CINQUE


Dear all,
Thank you so much for kkeping us happy, safe and well during our time on the Cinque. You made us feel safe and secure as you did everything you could to make our trip spectacular. You are the best crew ever!
I don't think we would have seen the Amalfi Coast, positano, If it weren't for your experience. Also, thanks for recommending the Regina Isabella SPA, it was the best massages we ever had! because of your efforts, we really had a wonderful time in Ischia and all the other amazing places. We loved being a part of the Cinque familyfor this week.

L. Family


To the crew of Santa Lucia: thank you so much for a beautiful holiday, we enjoyed every minute. Hope to see you again. Good health and happiness to all of you.



We have a very positive impression of the Santa Lucia. The boat is beautiful, the food surpassed our expectations, and we really liked our crew. It worked well to not have a strict itinerary and to be flexible based on weather and our preferences. We are so happy we went after the high tourist season. The Captain accommodated all of our requests and let us make the decisions, which was wonderful. The activities on the boat were great, we did a lot of kayaking and paddle boarding. We were impressed by how clean and tidy the crew kept the boat and our rooms. It was truly an amazing experience. We would do it again and would highly recommend it to others.