We loved the trip!!! We could not have asked for more. Everything was perfect. 
On day one we left in the afternoon for Vulcano island and arrived late afternoon which was very nice. The port is quite simple but quaint. There is a mud bath as part of the thermal treatment from the volcano.  The day after we headed to Volcano island and went on an early morning climb to the crater. It only took 45 mins each way but for anyone who has never seen a smoking crater it was impressive!! After that we rented quads and toured the island. In the afternoon we decided not to follow the original itinerary to Panarea as the captain predicted that there would be strong winds mid week in Panarea. I was impressed that the captain was always studying the weather so that we experienced as little bad weather or strong winds as possible. The towns of Panarea and Salina  were the nicest island towns. Panarea had great stores, restaurants and bars. We had a beautiful excursion on the Santa Lucia to some small islands between Panarea and Stromboli. Beautiful swimming, calm waters and very interesting sulfur bubbles under the water.
On Wed afternoon as the winds started to pick up in Panarea we went to Lipari. The captain opened the sails which was a nice experience!
Lipari is a very nice large town with a very nice old historic district that has a cathedral and museum. It was fun to tour the different parts of the islands and we also took the tender of the Santa Lucia to swim in a nice area across the Unesco protected Porticello stone mine.
On Friday morning we left for Salina, another beautiful small town and island. Very nice island, we had an excellent lunch and toured the island in rented cars.. In a nearby town (near the lighthouse) 'Alfredo's' has the best graniti in Sicily. 
On the way back to the port of Milazzo in Sicily we stopped at Vulcano island for another night which was very nice. 
As for the crew, captain Maurizio is an extremely experienced and confident Captain. He knows the boat very well. He plans carefully to avoid bad weather but consults frequently to make sure we are comfortable with his decisions. He is an excellent chef and buys fresh ingredients every day. He knows the islands very well and gave me excellent advice when we arrived at each island. He also knew the best restaurants and called them in advance to reserve. Luca, the son of Captain Maurizio, is a great deputy to his father and Elisa and Sam were extremely nice and always looking for the best way to provide anything that we needed. The service was always exceptional.
THANK YOU! I'm already thinking of Amalfi and Sardinia for next year! 
All the best,

Jeff M.


Trip has gone really well, staff is great and the boat is awesome.  Weather today it’s been perfect and the forecast over in the Capri area looks to be sunny and calm.  As for the crew, they have been above and beyond what we expected.  
Thank you!

Tom, Kathi, Ellie, Meg, Jenna, Henry, Jeanne and Clair


The Pernstern family has had an amazing week on the Santa Lucia! Maurizio is a wonderful Captain and Chef and we will miss Luca, Samantha and Lisa; they did a wonderful job taking care of us! Can’t believe the week is end so soon! Thank you for showing us your part of the world. I can’t wait to come back!
Much Love!