It was a great charter. Captain Antonio and the Engineer were amazing, willing to do anything and happy to fulfill all our needs. Antonio, and Salvatore rank in the top of the ranking of all of the captains, and chief engineers,  I have met during the last 13 years of chartering. Whatever we asked, it was gratefully done.
The tug boat experience was the best I had so far in terms of comfort when cruising in a storm, which we experienced one day sailing through 25 mph wind! She was steady as a rock. The tug boat is, also, super comfortable when sleeping at port. It simply doesn't rock or move when over boats are moving, and making waves. Everything was clean and in good order.
Many thanks,

Ralph D.G.
Motor yacht NAFISA


The trip aboard the Nafisa, I can’t say enough about the crew and the Captain, they were just simply fantastic! Salvatore went out of his way to please us whether it was taking us out close to midnight one night to show us how the local fishermen catch sardines to going to get us food and drink at the drop of a hat anytime we asked or even if we didn’t, he would just sometime surprise us with local treats for no reason. He also showed us maps of the islands to help us with the most economical way to travel from place to place, he showed his home island of Procida, he treated us like family in his own home. He was nothing less than a pure pleasure to deal with!


Good morning,
My short feedback is very positive. The boat is solid, comfortable and stable even in choppy waters. The crew works well together, has a great attitude and willing to help. The captain (and great chef) is a star.