Visit Sicily like a local onboard M/Y GABY and M/Y SCIROCCO

Apart from being a feast for the eyes thanks to its amazing landscapes and crystal clear waters, Sicily is heir to one of the richest cultural heritages in the world. There’s so much to see and discover that the only way to make sure you live the most authentic and immersive experience is to be guided by a local; and who could do best than your professional and experienced yacht crew? Captain Carmelo Majuri, at the helm of M/Y GABY, and Michele Santoro, Captain of M/Y SCIROCCO, both born and raised in the enchanting Sicilian island, embody the quintessential Italian hospitality and will be glad to share with you their best-kept secret spots and activities for an unforgettable holiday in “the land of beauty”.

The pros of visiting Sicily on a private yacht charter with a local crew? Let us just tell you a few:

  • Tailor made insider’s itinerary:
We’ve all gone through this: planning a trip can be really time-consuming and requires a long consultation of websites, guides and reviews; plus, we can easily get lost into a huge amount of information and end up following the most touristic and less interesting path. Chartering a yacht means having a local team that, basing on your preferences and in cooperation with your Captain, will craft a unique holiday and guide you to discover hidden gems and unusual activities.

  • Private local cooking lessons:
Sicilian Cuisine is definitely one of a kind: invaders brought with them foodstuffs and cooking styles that definitely enhanced the local diet. Greeks introduced olives, figs, artichokes and sheep’s milk cheeses. Arab settlers added citrus, eggplants and almonds, and sweet-sour flavorings known as agrodolce. The Spaniards brought with them tomato and chocolate. Sounds good right? And yes, you can pop into the galley and ask your crew to teach you how to prepare the local delicacies you’ll eat for dinner. And if you want to learn how to make the world-famous cassata or the delicious cannoli at a professional level, your crew will be happy to book you a local cooking class!

  • Secluded bays and hidden coves:
Sicily can be quite crowded, especially on high season, and beaches can become packed and sultry; but there are places only seamen know that can’t be reached by land: where the water is the color of sapphires, where the land and the sea melt in a breathtaking scenario and the beach is all yours, here you’ll find your little piece of heaven. Plus, you won’t get caught in the traffic jam that characterize Sicily in the Summer!

Don’t wait any longer: you only have to choose between the amazing 22 m. Abacus Marine M/Y GABY, accommodating up to 6 guests in 3 luxuriously appointed cabins and the awesome 20 m. Antago M/Y SCIROCCO  (check her current promotion) with her 3 comfortable cabins for up to 7 guests, pack your bikinis and leave for a holiday that will be engraved in your memory.
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